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Caribou Hotel

The original Caribou Hotel was owned by Dawson Charlie, one of the Carcross-Tagish members who discovered gold in the Klondike. A fire in 1909 burned the structure to the ground and the current hotel was built in 1911. In its heyday, the local bar was a popular hangout. After many years of decline, the business was shuttered in the 1990s after the owner was murdered in the hotel. It is now under new ownership and is is currently being renovated with great care to replicate the original structure, right down to finding the same wallpaper and tin roofing for the bar. 
The upper floor of the hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of Mrs. Gideon, one of the hotel owners during the 1920s. Her reputation landed the Caribou Hotel on one of Canada Posts “Haunted Canada” stamps in 2015.

The current owners tried to get financing to finish the hotel on the CBC show “Dragon’s Den.” They almost made a deal, but it fell through in the end. For now they are funding the renovations through the profits they make at their other Carcross business – The Chilkoot Sourdough Bakery. They say that the hotel’s historic bar and restaurant are scheduled to open in 2017.

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