Jean-Paul's Recommendation

McDonald Creek is a Carcross classic. It covers a lot of ground and follows some interesting historic routes that were only uncovered after talking to some of the local Carcross-Tagish First Nation elders. It’s one of the most scenic rides and while it is a remote trail, it’s not technical. Just make sure you’ve got the stamina to make it home on Wayne’s World.

I love that ride because it's almost an epic ride but it's one of those epic ride that you can pratically take your kids on.

Jean-Paul Molgat


1. Ride up the uptrack or get a shuttle to the top of Lower Telegraph (the road gets washed out after that).

2. Ride up the Montana Mountain road to the top of McDonald Creek.

3. Descend McDonald Creek to Wayne’s World (but make sure you stop to take in the sights at least a few times along the way).

4. Ride Wayne’s World out to Fox and then turn left and ride out to the parking lot.

5. Finish on Mossy Trail.

The Scoop

Historic route – McDonald Creek trail used to be an old mule trail that followed a power line from a hydro station up to the mines on Montana Mountain. The old power station can still be seen at the bottom of McDonald Creek where it flows into Bennett Lake.

Be prepared – This is a remote trail and a lot of it is hard to get to if you need someone to come and help you. Make sure you have food, warm clothes, bike repair equipment, a first aid kit and bear spray if you head out on this trail.

The tracks – Wayne’s World is the trail that follows the shoreline ridges along Bennett Lake from McDonald Creek back to Carcross. The White Pass Railway follows the same route, but riders shouldn’t be tempted to take the tracks back home. The White Pass train takes daily trips along the tracks and the railway doesn’t want to encounter riders on its narrow route along the lake. Please stick to Wayne’s World (it’s a better ride anyway) and everyone will be happy.

Check it out

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