Thane's Recommendation

We’re not sure how this combination of trails got its name, but it’s the loop locals put together when they just want a quick, fast, fun ride.

My favourite trail is what we call the daiquiri run.

Thane Phillips


1. Climb up the uptrack to Maggie’s Run and start down.
2. Ride Sporting Wood and Upper Wolverine, then take the cutoff out to the road and cross to Black Bear/Dei Kwáan.
3. Ride to Sam McGee and take that trail all the way out to the parking lot.

The Scoop

Uptrack etiquette – Dei Kwáan is the main uptrack on the mountain, but lots of people use it to connect trails on their descent. If you do this, check your speed and keep and eye out for people riding up. The section of the uptrack above Caribou is a bit loose and gravelly in places.

Be bear aware – As always, be prepared for bear encounters. This is their mountain too. Bring bear spray and make lots of noise when you descend.

Riding rails – Sporting Wood and Upper Wolverine have a lot of built wooden features. Some are fairly technical, but they are super fun to ride.

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