A great place to paddleboard

On days when it is calm, Carcross is a great place to paddleboard. Nares Lake is often a good bet as it is usually calm and fairly protected. But on a calm day, nothing beats Bennett. Some experienced and adventurous paddlers will take their boards on the train to Bennett Station at the far end of the lake and paddle the 60 kilometres back to Carcross.

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The wind – Bennett Lake blows up quickly. If you do head out on a paddleboard, pay attention to what is happening with the weather. If you stick to the east side of the lake you can always be sure that if you get to shore you can walk back along the train tracks.

The cold – Yukon lakes are cold. Paddleboarders should wear appropriate clothing for the conditions and wear a lifejacket. Falling off your board in the middle of the lake can get you into trouble quickly.

The gear – if you don’t have your own paddleboard, you can rent one from Icycle Sport in the Carcross Commons. 

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