In 1979, the Anglican Church re-opened the Chooutla Residential School as an alternative high school. Students from across Canada came to Carcross to study. Program included everything from math to bread-making. 

Over 400 students graduated from the school between 1973 and 1979 when the school shut down. Carcross community Education Centre was the only school of its kind. When it shut down the old residential school was demolished. A few graduates are still living in Carcross and the Whitehorse area.

Points of Interest

Chootla School

Anglican Bishop William Bompas constructed the first residential school in the Yukon in Carcross in 1903...

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Land Claims

"This settlement is for our children, and our children's children, for many generations to come. All our programs and the guarantee..

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Montana Mountain Mining History

Montana Mountain was the site of the great silver rush in the early 1900s. Conrad, a town located on the Windy Arm side of the mountain, was briefly home to almost 5,000 people...

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