Game Mother is an important story for Carcross-Tagish First Nation.

It explains how the animals were created and spread throughout the land. Montana Mountain is one of the four sacred mountains in the story where Game Mother gave birth to all the animals.

Carcross-Tagish elder Doris McLean or “Guna” (her Tagish name) was born in Carcross, Yukon but has traveled around the world to share her stories. She is of Tlingit and Tagish ancestry and belongs to the Daklaweidi (Killer Whale) clan. If you want to hear her version of the “Game Mother” story, take a listen.

Points of Interest

Montana Mining History

Montana Mountain was the site of the great silver rush in the early 1900s. Conrad, a town located on the Windy Arm side of the mountain, was briefly home to almost 5,000 people...

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Totem Poles

Totem poles have deep meaning to the Carcross-Tagish people, representing clan stories and accomplishments...

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